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Battery Heated Socks, Warmfits 3000 mah Rechargeable Battery Operated Electric Foot Warmers Thermal Socks 3 Heat Setting 6-10 H Warming Time for Winter Hunting Hiking Ice Fishing Camping Skiing (Gray)


Brand: Warmfits



key product features:
HEAT UP FAST AND TOASTY WARM: These heated socks heat up within 1 minutes. The temperature up to 120 °F to warm cold feet in winter. This thermal socks fit for US men and women Shoes Size 6-10. Best portable battery socks fit for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, ice fishing, camping etc. Kept your feet toasty warm.
3 HEATING SETTING: Each electric socks has it's own rechargeable battery, it comes with a global vottage ac 110-240 V ac charger. The battery comes built-in a temperature control button to control the heat levels. 3 heat settings -The indicator light changes color based on the amount of heat. Red indicator light equal to hottest temperature; orange equal to medium, green equal to low. It keep your feet warm up from 6 to 10 hours depending on your heat setting!
UPGRADED HEATING BOTTOM OF FOOT: This battery operated socks heat front bottom of the foot. As toes- the top of the foot is more sensitive than the bottom part of the foot, so while it does get really hot, it burns the sensitive part of the foot, it feels as if someone is sticking your feet with needles. So we upgraded the heating element in the opposite location- bottom of the foot.
WELL MADE: This heat warmer socks are made of thick cotton and spandex. They're soft, warm and comfy. These foot warmer socks actually provide a lot of warmth just by themselves. They have a wire running through them at the side of the sock. There's a small pouch that you insert the waterproof battery into and connect the wire. The heat line is longer than the socks, so when you wear extra high boots, you can put the battery into other bags in your pants.
TIPS: Hand wash only. The rechargeable heated socks are not meant to be worn in shoes and walked around in, but also can be slept in. No longer do you have to to suffer with cold feet all winter long.
Why choose Warmfits:
If you are truly looking for premium electric heated socks for every cold days,
Simple on/off switch operation but with long lasting working hours,
especially for hiking motorcycling skiing mountaineering snowboarding cycling and hunting,
You can’t go wrong with Warmfits Electric battery heated socks.Simple design but really powerful,
they are ideal heated socks for outdoor indoor activities or in any cold emergencies.
How to Use Your Heated Socks 
Your Heated Socks can be ready for use in just a few easy steps.
Before using your Heated Socks, be sure to make the rechargeable batteries fully charged.
1. Charge the Li-ion Batteries:
Connect the batteries with the charger to the socket.
And Switch to ON position when charging the ON/OFF version batteries.
It takes 4-5 hours for fully charged when the LED Indicator Light in the charger turn from red to green.
2. Put on the socks,the logo faces outward.
3. Connect the batteries with wires which located in the socks' pocket.
4. The socks will heat up immediately. If you are using the ON/OFF version battery,switch ON.
5. Press the ON/SETUP/OFF to adjust 3 Levels Temperature 
6. Switch to OFF position to turn off it.
Extra Tips: 
No machine wash. If you feel too hot and can not wear, you can set the socks at temperature setting high ( red light) at first 5-15 minutes (time varies due to different needs),
then you can adjust it to setting Medium ( orange light) or setting low ( green light) based one your needs. Or if you still feeling warm, you can turn off the heating for a while
Package included: 
1 pair of socks with thermal heating part
2 x 3000 mah rechargeable batteries
1 x 110V-220V AC Charger 
1 x English Using Manual
1 x Gift Packing Box
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