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Electric gloves design

Hand gloves are waterproof electric Tang Technologies Co。, Ltd。 Shenzhen three newly designed products。 High temperature electric heating gloves , long time, easy to use。 Unlike normal USB heating gloves, outdoor electric gloves can also be used normally , and no distance limitations 。

There are four glove cotton insulation , heating temperature up to 40-50 degrees. Waterproof breathable fabrics , snow days and rainy days can be used , the battery using the built-in zipper pocket design , the battery can be used nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries or lithium ion rechargeable battery. Style is very novel, charging and easy to use, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In the cold winter , but also allows you to keep your hands comfortable body temperature ! Electric gloves from Shenzhen Tong Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing three .

  Electric gloves waterproof breathable fabric surface using imported fabrics , high-grade imported PU leather slip design , breathable waterproof . Using 3M C40 gram fresh snow Lige thermal insulation cotton , has a very good thermal insulation effect . Wrist wrist size can be freely adjusted according to the individual , so that the glove tightly snapping the skin , warmth better.

  Electric gloves with built-in zipper pocket cell design , do not affect the overall appearance of the gloves . Inside fleece fabric imported , imported intermediate cotton insulation , lighter and thinner and softer ! Fingertips thick cotton designed to slow heat loss . Gloves link lock to prevent loss.

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