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The parameters of the electric gloves

Shenzhen SANTANG technology Co., LTD. Shenzhen three functions by electric gloves, and use technical parameters we meet electric gloves.
First, electric gloves Product Features:

1, electric gloves lithium-ion rechargeable battery, fever, convenient and practical;
2, it could also give electric gloves energized after the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger and back of uniform heating.
3, the use of advanced ultra-thin folding soft-resistant composite carbon fiber heating elements, anti short circuit heating circuit design, with soft, folding, even heating, long service life.
4, heating speed, power that fever, rapid heating and maintaining a constant 50 degrees, the heating temperature is slightly higher than the finger back of the hand of human design, does not produce high temperature phenomenon.
Second, electric gloves Technical parameters:
1, lithium-ion rechargeable battery: DC3.7V2200mA, can work two hours in a row, the temperature at a constant temperature of about 50 degrees.
2 Battery Charger: Input 110-230V50/60Hz output: DC4.3V 450mA.
3, charging time: less than 4 hours
Third, electric gloves to use:
1, before the first use of electric gloves, please give rechargeable lithium ion battery is fully charged;
2, the electric gloves DC plug with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries connected to the docking DC socket, electric start work gloves fever;

Fourth, note:
In order to ensure the performance of lithium-ion rechargeable battery, please save after charging, recharging once every 90 days, and placed in a cool dry place; non-lithium batteries to moisture, water, fire, heat being; non-impact, disassemble Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
Shenzhen SANTANG technology Co., LTD. specializes in producing electric gloves, lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Welcome to order.

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